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Gravita's Trailer
  • The highlight works thanks to a post process volume with a blendable material. Every time the Ghost Field touches an object, the blueprint checks if the object is "pick-upable", and if it is, it applies the material to it.


Lead Level Designer

E3 2016
College Game Competition Finalist
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"A gravity-based puzzle platformer set in an art gallery... in space"
Game Overview


Role: Lead Level Designer

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Team Size: 13 people

Development time: 6 months

In the Gallery of Refined Gravity, my pupils have to use their gravity-controlling powers to overcome the challenges that I created for them. If they want to reach a higher level of artistic thought, my pupils will need to move through gravity fields, carry boxes with their gravity powers, and die in painful agony thanks to my harmless lasers of horrible death.

Game Mechanics

Create Gravity Fields with your fancy, futuristic gauntlet. Use the fields as the ultimate way of transportation!

Move things around with your Gravity Fields, and teach those crazy boxes who's boss!

Ignore the beautiful oceans of red death that I created for you, and surf over them.

Break that crazy expensive glass that I just bought for all of my art pieces...Really? This is why we can't have nice things.

Open doors with yo' face! Haha joking...that's just me.

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