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Level Designer/Scripter


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Explosion Scene

Explosion scene after players complete their second objective.

  • One of the biggest challenges scripting-wise was creating the explosion scene in Area 2-1. First, the windows had to break as soon as the gunship hits the building. However, making the windows breakable meant that players could break them at any time. To address this issue, there are two sets of windows, one that is breakable and another one that isn't. When the Gunship hits the building, a simple flowgraph deactivates the unbreakable windows and activates the breakable ones.

The breakable windows activate as soon as the gunship appears on screen.

  • The next step was breaking the windows all at once, to create the feeling of a huge explosive wave. To do that, a series of invisible barrels are activated, thrown through the windows, and immediately deactivated. The effect that the barrels create when they hit the windows is that of a strong explosion wave.

A series of invisible barrels break the windows at the right time.

A flowgraph applies a force against the barrels, sending them towards the windows.

  • At the same time that the barrels are thrown through the windows, another flowgraph applies a force to several small objects, which throws them flying across the room. Finally, a camera shake gives the final touch to the gunship collision, creating the impression of a collision of massive force.

Furniture and other objects fly across the room making the explosion feel stronger.

Bulletless Gun
  • In the level, players start with no ammo, forcing them to use stealth inside the abandoned building. To remove the players' bullets, I created a custom gun and Equipment Pack. The only way to do that was through .xml files. By reading the Crysis 2 .xml files and changing some values, I managed to create a Feline that starts with no bullets.

Changing some values in the Feline's xml file results in a gun that starts with no bullets.

Creating a custom equipment pack was also necessary, so that players started with the gun already equipped.

Anchor 1
  • If players were to look at the level map, they would see that the interior is a lot bigger than it seems. In fact, part of the interior is floating above the island's surface.

View of a part of the island, with the interior hidden.

View of a part of the island, with the interior visible.

  • To make sure that players never see the interior colliding with the exterior, the level has a series of triggers that hide and show different layers based on the players' position. For instance, if players get close to a window, a trigger activates the part of the exterior that players can see through the window. As soon as players get away from the window, another trigger hides the exterior again, to avoid potential collisions between the interior and the exterior.

Example of layer switching in game.

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