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Level 7

The End

Level 6 brings players to the dark side of the museum.




  • Closing the story arc with a level that offers little puzzle challenge and that makes the game feel complete.



A convenient last speech

The Curator manages to trap players again, and this time he is not planning to release them. However, like any other villain out there, he feels the urge to give players a long speech about his plans, dreams, and aspirations. Big mistake.

Letting the Curator talk without caging the player

  • The goal for level 7 to make it more narrative-heavy, without forcing the player to wait for dialogs. We came up with a design that subtly offered the puzzle pieces to the players. Players who are paying attention, can notice the trap door opening on the floor at the beginning of the Curator's speech, and the shadows on the ceiling indicating that boxes are moving below them.

Players can interrupt the Curator's speech at any time, if they are paying attention

Back to where it all started

The loop finally closes, not only for the story, but also layout-wise. In the final area of the game, players break the glass floor of the room, only to land in that Lobby where it all begun.

Closing the cycle

  • Creating a full cycle was one of our design pillars. We wanted Gravitas to feel like a full experience, with a beginning and an end. The last room of Level 7 reflects this desire, by providing a puzzle were players have to break the glass floor with the very first piece of art that they saw in the game: The Lobby's centerpiece.

Players can see the Lobby through last room's glass floor, in Level 7.

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