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Level 6

That one piece I completely forgot about

Level 6 brings players to the dark side of the museum.




  • They thought they knew puzzles. Then they reached level 6.


  • Creating a level that lets player show their mastery of all the mechanics.

  • Making the players feel like they are escaping from the Curator.

  • Showing the Curator's need for love.

Beyond the Gallery's windows

  • Level 6 shows the hidden parts of the Gallery. The look and feel of the puzzles changes, to show players that nobody has seen the art in these galleries for a long time. In level 6's walls are dirty, trashcans lay on the floor, and used magazines cover the benches, all to show that this part of the gallery is still not ready for "artistic appreciation".

The darker lighting, the red light on the door, and the messy room, hint to players that this is not a typical hallway.

Time to break free

The beginning of the level makes players feel like they are getting into a forbidden area of the GORG.

Gameplay gets to the Hallways

  • In the beginning of level we wanted players to feel like they were getting into a forbidden area of the Gallery. To reinforce that feeling, we introduced gameplay into the hallways, which up until then had been purely transitional areas. This made players feel like they have broken the barrier that the Curator created between them and the inner parts of the Gallery.

A fun gameplay moment, where payers take the typical "art displays" that they have seen in all levels, and use them to break the hallway's window.

Hiding from the Curator

In this area, players see the Curator looking for them behind the glass windows, making players feel like they have escaped his control. The puzzles offer a medium difficulty challenge, so that players can rest before encountering the last puzzle of the game.

A story of four boxes

Playtesters called this puzzle the "most difficult yet amazing" puzzle of the game. I recommend not looking at the maps below, and instead downloading the game and giving it a shot.

The last puzzle

  • The last room in level 6 contains the final puzzle of the game, since later puzzles are easier and mostly serve narrative purposes. Because of that, we wanted to create a challenge that would baffle players, but which would be very rewarding once it was solved. We accomplished out goal, as this room was easily ranked as the best one in the game. Go try it!

The talent of the Curator during his early years shows in this last puzzle.

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